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Daniel A.D. Wiersma

Director | Cinematographer | Graphic Designer | Editor

Raised among farm animals, deep in the countryside, Daniel was enchanted by the magic of the natural world. Henceforth, he embarked on a 6 year journey around the globe to study Biology in greater depth. However, Daniel became disillusioned by the lack of creative space. Science is science and there is no space for self-expression as one needs to be as objective as one can be. This creativity had to find an outlet, so Daniel quickly became the go-to designer of University research posters and presentations.

Soon, his creative capacity was picked up by his University who then offered him the chance to work as a video reporter. He seized the opportunity and this inspired the creation of his own company: Dreadson Film Company.

Daniel hopes to combine his love for nature and passion for film. He continues to pursue his mission of environmental protection and education, in the hopes that his films spread the natural magic that captivated him many years ago.