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Casper Steketee

Director | Cinematographer | Editor

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Casper was already at a young age telling stories by making films and theater. Caught by the versatility and diversity that the world of cinema offers, his exploration of this medium began.

In 2015, Casper had the chance to direct and produce a 48-hour project, for which he obtained five awards and the film won second place in the category 'Best Film'. Casper's interest does not stop at fictional cinema: he continues to develop in the field of documentary and informative films. In addition, he teaches himself the practical issues related to the realization of cinematic products.

Always looking for new stories, perspectives and challenges, Casper moved to Brussels in 2016 to apply his skills at the RITCS and to deepen his knowledge about the profession. Casper is always eager to continue developing and gaining more experience with a particular focus on storytelling - the language of film.